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My job is to support young people in their career choices.

study abroad in Germany

Studying in Germany as the key to success

Studying in Germany is becoming increasingly popular among international students. Germany ranks 4th in the global ranking of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

If you are planning to study in Germany, you have many options to get your professional future on track. First things first: If you want to study in Germany, you need a general higher education entrance qualification, IB or an equivalent qualification.

English or German as the language of study

There are over 1,000 English-language degree programmes in Germany and, according to the German Rectors‘ Conference, in 2021 there will be around 9,300 German-language Bachelor’s programmes and around 9,800 Master’s programmes. English or German? In which language would you like to study and do you have an equivalent language certificate for it?

Applying to german universities

When applying to German universities you will be challenged with a lot of bureaucracy, that needs to be done carefully. Questions focus on e.g.

  • Translation and recognition of certificates
  • Language skills
  • Visa
  • admission requirements
  • application formalities for international students
  • Pre-study internships requiries
  • Personal and professional goals, motivation and interests

How can all of this be organised? Finding the right degree programme with GOOD PLAN STUDIO study counseling is an easy process, that leads you step-by-step through your decision.

Planning your choice of study in Germany well

Having a plan for your choice of study ensures achievement motivation, success and satisfaction in your studies. If you are looking for a suitable course of study in Germany, it is best to let the GOOD PLAN STUDIO Team provide you with professional advice and help with your application. This increases the chances of a successful start to your studies.


Choose personal study guidance in Regensburg, Munich or online

You would like to book private study counselling, but you are not in Germany? That’s easy to solve! We can also hold the GOOD PLAN STUDIO counseling online via Zoom. It is important that you have a computer/laptop with a camera and stable internet or Wi-Fi access to work with me regardless of location.


Procedure of the counseling "Studying in Germany"

First Session

Get in Touch

In the first session, we talk about your study wishes in Germany. We clarify your personal interests and goals as well as family and financial requirements for your future and choice of university. I will give you access to the potential analysis. This is the basis for session two.

Analysis of potential

Get to know your talents

You work on the English- or German-language psychological potential analysis at home or in the GOOD PLAN STUDIO. This provides us with objective data on your professional interests, personality and your learning and working behaviour. The results support the personal interviews in the second session.

Second Session

Discussion of Results

In the second session, we discuss the test results and focus on your strengths, previous experiences and school projects. We identify courses of study, training and professions that suit you better than others.

We note down all the interview results on the strengths map. This gives you a clear picture of your professional portfolio.

Research Phase

Choice of Study Programs and Universities

In the meantime we will research suitable Bachelor degree programmes as well as university locations for your requirements profile. You can contact me at any time with questions.

Third Session

Final career recommendations

In session three, we talk about the results of our research. I will give you crucial advice on the necessary formalities, e.g. language skills, recognition of certificates and draw up a To-do list for the International Office.

Now you have clarity about what you can study in Germany and which tasks still need to be completed.

I will actively help you with the recognition and translation of your certificates. I’m happy to support you in communicating with the International Office.

Follow-up support

Summarising results for your parents

I will present the results to your parents. After the counseling, you have a whole year to consult me on any question that might arise of the study counseling.


Coaching and Support

If there is still a need for Support, I will coach you in a trusting atmosphere in the GOOD PLAN STUDIO live or online or connect you with competent people.

Take action!

Study in Germany

Your personal consultation

"I offer academic and personal study counselling as well as psychological coaching support for students to promote personal development and support young people's success."

Investing in your future career

Study Counseling for international students

Counselling takes place live in Regensburg or online

First meeting to get to know each other

20 min.
  • To be sure
  • Find out how you can use study and career guidance or coaching to help you in your life situation. Without any obligation.

Study in Germany

6 h
incl. 19% MwSt.
  • Find the right course of study or apprenticeship
  • Counseling with three sessions, potential analysis (English), recommendation of degree programme and university as well as support with the recognition of certificates and clarification of the admission requirements for studies with the International Office of the chosen university/college.
  • Add-on: Coaching per hour: + € 200



I only have a subject-specific international baccalaureate, but I would like to go to university. Is that possible?

You can only study at German universities with a general higher education entrance qualification. However, you can study for a Bachelor’s degree at a University of Applied Science and then go on to study for a Master’s degree at a university. This is possible.

My grades are not that good. Can I still study in Germany?

You can study in Germany like any other student. When choosing a course of study, pay attention to the Numerus Clausus of the subject. ADMISSIBLE degree programmes are open to all A-levels. When choosing a course of study, make sure that it matches your professional interests and your talents.

I want to study in English and only in a certain city.

If we know what you would like to study, we will check for you whether there are study programmes in English in your desired degree programme. If not, we will suggest alternatives and help you to solve the motivation knot.

Personality influences choice of university location

When choosing a German university location, personal wishes and networks should be taken into account to ensure high performance and well-being in studies and at the new place of residence from the very beginning.

Should I study in English or German?

Whether German or English: The language of instruction is a key to being able to study successfully. We clarify how good your language skills are and whether preparatory classes have to be done. We have competent partners for language classes and international schools to organize a transition year.

What are the first signs of professional interests?

The school career and thesis already show the first focal points for career and study orientation. With the help of professional English- or German-language aptitude tests, we identify promising study proposals and career profiles for the German education market.